Membership Benefits

Membership benefits

Capacity building for members through trainings such as, first aid, birding, consumer behavior and guiding ethics.

Advocacy and lobbying.

RSGA members are trusted for service excellence and professionalism.

Networking and mentorship through peer to peer learning.

RSGA helps its members to acquire their health insurance from affordable and qualified providers.

Requirements and eligibility

Joining RSGA has been made easy:

1st stage: Submission of the duly filled application form with the below required documents

C.V (Detailed background of the applicant)

Supporting documents( diploma, certificates, etc.)

A passport photo attached to the CV.

Driving licence (Optional)

2nd stage:The applicant will undergo an interview with the RSGA leadership team.

3rd Stage:The applicant is required to pay the membership and registration fees

Fee Structure

Once off registration fee: 130,000 Rwf

Quarterly membership fees (*4): 50,000 Rwf

Please note that the information you provide in this form will be treated as confidential.

NB: Membership and registration fees have to be remitted to the bank account of RWASAGA: 000420693933660 (RWF) in Bank of Kigali